AIR COndition

Not feeling so cool lately?

At C & J, we offer complete air conditioning service from simply adding freon to major AC repairs. We also can provide you with the cooling you need for those hot summer days.

Winter is approaching!

If your heater is not giving the warmth you need, we can service your car's heating and defrost equipment to perform as it should, so it will keep you and your family warm. Failure to melt the ice off of your windshield is very dangerous! Defrost failure can cause accidents, minor or serious, with very costly after-effects. Fix it now.

It's time to winterize!
Air Condition Repair —  Air Condition Repairs in Greensboro, NC
Winterizing your vehicle can save you lots of headaches. The last thing you want on a cold winter day is an engine that will not start because your radiator has frozen up, you have a dead battery, or, even worse, you cannot melt the frost or ice because of faulty equipment. Whether you have minor or major problems, take care of it now.

At C & J, we ensure that all of these items are winter-ready, so that you won’t be left out in the cold:
Check your freon level.

Inspect all belts.