What to do if the "Check Engine" light comes on

When a yellow light illuminates on your dash. telling you to check or service your engine, it's time to call C & J for an immediate appointment. This light is trying to tell you that your car is sick. If your body didn't feel right, what would you do? You'd call the doctor. It's the same with your check engine light. Deal with it ASAP.

You can call it the most misunderstood indicator on your dashboard; the "check engine" light can mean many different things. It could be a loose gas cap, a seriously misfiring engine or many other things that communicate with your car computer.
Check Engine Light — Motor Repair in Greensboro, NC
It doesn't mean you have to pull the car over to the side of the road, and call a tow truck. It does mean a call to C & J is in order. You should get the car checked out as soon as possible. Ignore the warning, and you could end up damaging expensive components. It can also be a sign that your car is getting poor fuel economy and emitting higher levels of pollutants.

We have a Car Auto Computer Diagnostic Code Reader that communicates with your car computer and picks up the code(s) that tell the experts at C & J what they need to know to help deal with the issue. Any car with a "check engine" light that is on will fail state inspection immediately.