Tune-up/Oil Change

Is your engine running rough or noticed less miles per gallon lately?
A tune-up might be the answer. Often, problems such as this are simply a result of needing new plugs, wires or a simple adjustment. A tune-up can also ensure that your engine is running at peak efficiency.
The importance of having regular oil and filter changes cannot be overemphasized.

Clean oil and filters, both oil and air, are a must to ensure that your engine runs properly and will continue to do so for many years to come. The general rule of thumb is every 3000 miles, but your owner’s manual will have specific information for your particular vehicle.
Change Oil — Motor Repair in Greensboro, NC
Here are a few things to remember:

Check oil and oil filters.
Check all fluid levels and air filter cleanliness.
Inspect all belts and hoses.

While your vehicle is up in the air, we look for other problems, including leaks, brakes, mufflers and tires. If there is a problem, major or minor, we will tell you.